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Self Assessment

An easy to use self-assessment tool, available immediately using traditional telephony or Facebook Messenger.

Adapt to your needs, language or official recommendations.

From the press

News across the world confirm that people are seeking information. Traditional communication channels do not have high enough capacity.

Increase safety - keep patients informed

By implementing phone and chat assistants organizations can provide better availability of information to patients.


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Make a call and find out what to do

Public organizations choose to implement the phone and chatbot self-assessment in order to provide better availability of information to citizens.

Self-assessment over the phone

Get guidance on what you should do next - speak to an automated assistant and get instant answers.

  • Multilingual

    The self-assessment supports over 120 languages.

  • Accessible

    For many patients - a traditional phone is still a primary way of comunicating. Providing phone-based support is a must, especially for the elderly.

  • No wait time

    The solution is fully automated, so callers do not have to wait in long queues to speak to an agent.

Online assessment - chatbot

A chatbot deployed to Facebook Messenger can easily provide the same answers. Based on the same diagnostic questionnaire

  • Mobile accessible

    Facebook Messenger platform covers 1.3 billion users.

  • Answers are here

    The Messenger Chatbot provides recommendations after ansewring the same questions that are asked in the phone interview.

Fully adaptable, no development required

The system can be easily adapted to your needs, you can update the questions and answers and the phone and chatbot scenarios will be automatically updated.

Ready to implement?
During Covid-19 - we will implement it for free

For any non-profit organization willing to provide better information to the citizens.

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